Your DD214 gives you access to numerous Veterans Hiring Programs at the Federal, State and Local Government as well as proof of service for Job Background Checks.

Veteran's Employment Benefits

Your DD214 can boost your Job Options

There are many times when your DD214 comes in handy to get a federal job as a contractor, a GS employee or related position. The first instance where a DD Form 214 comes in handy is naturally at application time when some veterans are automatically eligible for a hiring advantage given in the form of a five or ten-point veterans preference.

Federal Jobs

For Federal jobs offering veterans hiring preference, a DD214 is required at application time to verify the dates of service and nature of a veteran's discharge. But if you are applying for a government job that requires a background check, you may be asked to supply proof of service once more to fulfill the background research, which is often conducted by an agency other than the one responsible for hiring you.

State and Local Jobs

The application process for state and local government jobs differs from using your veteran's preference for federal jobs-state and local positions require their own unique applications and DD214 submissions. Compare that to the practice of submitting an SF-15 Veteran's Preference Form for most federal jobs-a centralized approach to recognizing an applicant's status as a retired, separated, and/or disabled vet. Unfortunately there is no such centralized submission process for jobs below the federal level, but most positions require the DD214 and supporting documents from the VA when the applicant wants to apply for disabled veteran preference.

Consider Oregon's participation in the Department of Veterans Affairs Hire Vets First program. According to, "Oregon state government provides qualifying veterans and disabled veterans with preference in employment." In Oregon, qualifying veterans are eligible for a five point hiring preference for job openings with the state, and disabled vets can qualify for ten points.