The NPRC is willing to work with you for emergency and time-sensitive requests like VA home loan deadlines. In these cases you must include supporting information.

VA Home Loan Deadlines

How to speed up replacement DD214 processing times

If you need a replacement DD Form 214 returned to you before VA loan processing deadlines, there are several steps you should take and important facts to keep in mind when placing your request for a replacement DD214 through the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis Missouri.

Delivery to the NPRC

The quickest method of delivery to the NPRC aside from applying online is by fax. Sending your request for a replacement DD214 any other way may slow down the progress on answering your request.

The NPRC official site warns that faxing or sending via Federal Express Next Day Service only speeds the request to the National Archives; it does not increase the speed at which your paperwork is processed.

Help the NPRC Help You

Send your request complete with all required information including Social Security number and other pertinent information. Some people have personal issues with using their Social Security Number as a means of identification, but without the number the National Archives cannot process your DD214 replacement request in a timely manner.

Supporting Information

The NPRC says a ten-day processing time is standard, but for "emergency requests" and time-sensitive ones such as for VA home loan paperwork deadlines, the NPRC is willing to try to work with you. In these cases you must include supporting information including the reason why you need the request rushed through the system. Explain your deadline issues and the consequences for missing those deadlines. You aren't guaranteed a faster processing time for your replacement DD214, but when the NPRC is able to help in this way, it usually does.

The National Archives has a specific place where this information should be communicated: please explain your situation in the "Comments" section of online form available at eVetRecs or in the "Purpose" section of the paper version known as the SF-180 .

If you face an important deadline with your replacement DD214 and you are worried your replacement form might not make it in time, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and your lender. Let them know the replacement DD Form 214 has been requested, send copies of the request when possible and ask for additional help with the deadline or whether such help is possible.